It is human nature to crave change and to seek something new in one’s environment and life. For example, it is good to change your living environment occasionally but buying a new place or even looking for new accommodations is an unimaginable task in this economy. Especially after the pandemic hit. The next better option or alternative is investing in a little renovation occasionally.  

Even then renovation is no pocket-friendly task. It still requires a substantial chunk of money. But that is what most people think, right? However, let me tell you that there is a way that renovation will not leave you bankrupt! Maybe that is an exaggeration, but I am sure you get the idea.  

The way is that one does not need to go for complete renovation of their spaces meaning change in environment does not come only from changing everything around. A fresh new look can be achieved with the smallest change for example even new tiles can revamp your entire place’s aesthetic. And for that, I have just the right place in mind! 

Kickstart your renovation projects with Initial Tiles! 


Initial Tiles is a local, Sydney based tile retailing company which has been operating in the market for quite some time. Housing both indoor and outdoor tiles, they are keen on providing the best quality products that are reliable but most importantly cheap.  

They do house quite a few other options such as fittings and other accessories if you are dabbling in the world of renovation, but their most prominent products are the tiles and more specifically cheap floor and kitchen tiles.  

But do not be put off by the word ‘cheap’ because it certainly is not synonymous with poor quality tiles. Cheap floor and kitchen tiles from Initial Tiles mean that you still get the best quality, variety, and range of tiles but with the added benefit of low prices. What a bargain! 

And as for where you can visit Initial Tiles, I am glad to inform you that they have showrooms in Sydney’s West and are close by for those living in Penrith, Seven Hills, Blacktown, and surrounding places. They also have the option of online ordering and delivery across Australia and the entire range of their cheap floor tile and cheap kitchen tiles and more can be found at their very well-organized website along with free samples.  

And so, to elaborate on the Floor Tiles, here is a short review: 


As mentioned before, Initial Tiles houses a wide and diverse range of floor tiles in Sydney but most importantly they house cheap floor tiles and that should be enough motivation for you to check them out and start thinking about your renovation plans. With that, there is also reliability that comes with buying from Initial Tiles in the form of receiving the best quality product because cheap floor tiles do not mean poor quality products.  

Once you visit their website, you will see on the top toggle menu under the heading of tiles that they have especially categorized their tiles according to the area they are for. The cheap floor tiles are categorized into:  

  • Living spaces 
  • Outdoor area  
  • Commercial Requirement 
  • Bathroom  
  • Kitchen use  

Their most unique and bestselling tiles out of all the above categories are the very affordable, very cheap kitchen floor tiles in Sydney. Once you open this category you will find more than 50 different options in all sizes, colours, designs and textures. You name it and they probably have it! With these many options, you, and everyone else are likely to find something that fits your aesthetic and fits the dream renovation project completely. No matter if you prefer a more contemporary style or are more of an old-school rustic lover, you will surely find something to love within their collection.  

So, without waiting, go visit Initial Tiles’ website and start looking into their collection of cheap floor and kitchen tiles. If you feel overwhelmed with the choices of tiles, then you can sort out tiles according to different categories of colour, material, texture etc. to make it easier for you. Or you could just visit their warehouses in Sydney yourself!  

The rundown of Initial Tiles’ qualities are they provide free tile samples, they have fast shipping throughout Australia, they offer free design consultations for customers, and they guarantee satisfaction