The first ever computer was invented in the year 1946 which weighed about fifty tons so we can imagine the area that it took. While keeping in view the uses of computer in today’s time period; we can define it as an electronic device that is meant to store and process data.  It is programmed in such a way that it can solve the arithmetic and logical operations given to it in an automatic manner. Not only the functions and features of computer systems have changed with the passage of time rather the clear difference in the size and shape of these electronic devices have also changed. The overuse of computer or the damage in some components of the computer system can result in the heating of the computer. This heat can slow down the functioning of your computer system or it can distort or shut it down completely. This is the reason that precautions must be taken to cool the computer system. This precaution can be taken in the form of computer cooling system. It is a system that minimizes the temperature of computer system. In this article; we will be discussing about the types of computer cooling systems.  

The causes and consequences of overheated computer systems: 

There are times when our computer systems get heated up to an extent that it either damages a part of the computer or can shut it down completely.  There are number of reasons which can cause heating up of your computer system. These reasons can be the fan of the computer not working properly, the blockage of the vent system or the over usage of the computer system. The deterioration of the thermal paste and the accumulation of dust around the main processing unit are few other such causes off computer heat up.  The excessive heat can surely slow down the functioning of the computer system which is why its heating system must be reformed and this reformation can be brought up with the installation of computer cooling system.  

Computer cooling system:  

Computer cooling system can be defined as the kind of a system that minimizes or regulates the heating effect of the computer. To maintain the optimal functioning of the computer and to protect the components of computer from getting damaged; this cooling system of computers have been introduced. 

Types of computer cooling system: 

There are two main types of computer cooling systems. One of the types is known as air cooling system in which heat is conducted towards the outside by the stream of an air. It provides increased air pressure and reduces the temperature with the use of fins, fans and coils.  Then there is the water cooling system for computers in which heat is regulated with a liquid regulator. It is also known as AIO cooling system which, consists of a complete package including radiator, fan, pump, tubes and cooling units.  

Different products for computer cooling systems: 

Different types of products are available in the market to reduce the temperature of your computer systems. These products include single, double and triple radiators. Besides that; there are RGB air cooling, low profile air cooling and performance air cooling. 

Desktop case:  

Desktop case is the cover that encloses all of the important components of your personalized computer. Most commonly; these desktop cases are made up of aluminium or steel. There is this case named as tower 100 mini chassis which is vertically designed mini ITX chassis with panoramic viewing. It has one standard fan of 120mm and three tempered glasses of 4mm.  


Computers are made to process and solve our data. They are built to provide us with arithmetical and logical solutions. However; there are times when the over usage or other such reasons can cause the rise in temperature of the computer system. This increased temperature leads to non-functioning and sudden shut down of computer system which is why such cooling systems have been introduced that helps in regulating the temperature of computers. There are two main types of computer cooling systems. One is known as air cooling computer system and another is named as AIO liquid cooling system. Different products are available in market for both these types of systems. “Thermal take” offers the best quality of computer cooling systems and desktop cases.